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Fiskars Titanium Bypass Pro Pruner

$42.32 (as of October 8, 2017, 5:36 am)

Tension control for precise cuts; angled cutting head reduces wrist fatigue
Ergonomic steel handle for a comfortable grip
Resistant to rust and corrosion

Product Description

Our Titanium Bypass Pruner is a perfect heavy-use instrument for avid gardeners. Precision-floor, titanium-lined blades supply lasting sturdiness and blank cuts on inexperienced, dwelling expansion. A corrosion-resistant, non-stick blade coating reduces friction to make chopping simple, and a self-cleansing sap groove assists in keeping the blades from sticking. An angled chopping head reduces wrist fatigue, adjustable blade Stress supplies advanced precision, and the more potent-than-metal FiberComp care for incorporates left- and proper-passed customers. Features a 1 in. chopping capability. Lifetime guaranty.
Stress regulate for exact cuts; angled chopping head reduces wrist fatigue
Ergonomic metal care for for a relaxed grip
Proof against rust and corrosion
Self-cleansing sap groove assists in keeping blades from sticking
Assembled size: 4.875 in. W x 1.125 in. D x 11.50 in. H
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